Annie’s Story

Annie was able to save a couple of dollars every trip to the grocery store without her abuser knowing. Due to financial abuse, she was not allowed to utilize her Social Security money. Other than the money she hid from her grocery trips, she had no savings.

Annie’s relationship was physically, emotionally and financially abusive. She had been meeting in secret with a domestic violence advocate for nine months. Together they created a safety plan and, finally, one day, she fled in the middle of the night. Annie left all of her personal belongings behind.  She got on a train and rode it to the other side of the country and never looked back. She ended up in Tucson—she knew no one here.

Annie contacted Emerge! for social and emotional support. She identified social support as one of her greatest needs. She realized that she knew no one in Tucson and did not want to feel lonely or vulnerable. This had led her to return to her abuser in the past. She did not want to repeat the cycle.

She began receiving service at Emerge! and now attends one-on-one support and support groups multiple times a month. Annie knows that isolation is part of her domestic abuse and recognizes the importance of having friends. Annie states that she takes it one day at a time, as some days are better than others, but at least she knows that during the bad days, she has someone to talk to who understands the dynamics of abuse and supports her decisions.


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