If someone told you they were being abused, would you know what to do? Hearing about someone’s abusive situation is scary, especially if they are looking to you for help and you have no idea what to do. Knowing how to respond can help you save a life.

Learn how to spot the signs, how to respond and what not to do if you witness abuse or if you think you know someone who is experiencing abuse.

Call the experts: Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse’s 24-hour hotline is available for people in abusive situations and for those who want to learn how to help a friend or loved one. Local: 520-795-4266 Toll-free: 888-428-0101

  •  Click here for fact sheets about domestic abuse.
  •  Click here to view a half-hour online presentation about domestic abuse–this presentation may take a few minutes to load.
  • Attend a class! Emerge! offers a three-hour workshop that provides a thorough overview of Domestic Abuse including the dynamics of domestic abuse, power and control, effects of abuse on children, how to help, safety planning and Emerge! services. The workshop is held at the Emerge! offices on a quarterly basis and is open to the community. Click here for more information and to learn how to reserve your spot.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergencies/Emergencias: 911

24-hour Crisis Line/Línea de Crisis 24-horas
Emerge!: 520.795.4266

Abuse Advocacy/Números de Apoyo
Administration of Resources and Choices Elder Shelter: 520.339.2801
Help On Call Crisis Line: 520.323.9373
Wingspan LGBT Crisis Line: 800.553.9387
Pima County Attorney’s Office Victim Services: 520.740.5525
Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault Crisis Line 24/7: 800.400.1001
Southern Arizona Child Advocacy: 520.243.6420
Arizona Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy: 800.782.6400
Davis Monthan Air Force Base Family Advocacy: 520.228.2104

Other Resources/Otros Recursos
Pre-Trial Services: 520.205.4350
Jewish Family and Children’s Services – LEAH Program: 520.795.0300 x2363
Information and Referral: 888.575.2111

Orders of Protection/Órdenes de Protección
Tucson & Pima County: 520.724.3210
Emerge!: 520.881.7201